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About Us

Nordqueen | Home Craft

Why Nordqueen?
Popularity of home textile products on the internet are increasing day by day. Due to competitive market conditions, sales of materials that are harmful to human health and destroy the sleep comfort are increasing on the market dramatically.
Especially items that directly contacts with the human skin should be made of natural fibers as coton. The materials commercially called microfiber, polycoton or cotton blend which consist of man-made and unnatural fibers decrease the sleep comfort seriously.
Nordqueens story begins right there... Aran Tekstil, as a well experienced company in production of bedding textile more than 30 years, decided to create a brand which is selling only online. Company has main brand "Clasy" is selling on local Turkish market more than 450 retail stores. With the experience it gained from here, we wanted to clearify this confusing online market conditions and help customers to choose correct bedding items in online.
We aim to offer the most fashionable designs prepared by our own design team, our own fabrics made of 100% cotton yarn, to the use of our valued customers at reasonable prices by combining all quality control and production stages under one production facility. Our products have the Oeko-Tex 100 certificate which proves that they do not contain any chemicals harmful to human health.
Where Can You Find It?
You can find Nordqueen products only reliable marketplaces. To ensure the best price guarantee, our products will not be sold in any store or shopping mall, but will be delivered to you directly from our warehouse in Germany. In this way, the store and sales expenses that the consumer has to pay will be completely eliminated, and expenses such as packaging costs, promotion and marketing materials, which are not very important in online sales but have an important place in the product cost, will return as a contribution to the quality and price of the product.
We hope that we will be successful in our journey to put an end to this chaos in the online marketin by bringing quality home textile products to our consumers, at the best price and in the fastest way.
Nordqueen Team